Last night both Miranda and I were totally bagged so we went to bed early. (early in our house in sometime before midnight but sometime after 11:30) This turning in early meant that I was awake this morning at 5:30am I stayed in bed however thinking of all the cool places that we will go when we get back from Cuba. I then rolled out of bed early for the Camera Show & Swap in Burnaby. It was, as expected, a bunch of tables filled mostly with random cold war copies of good cameras. I did however find myself something that I have been looking for for a while now. A Medium Format SLR in the style of regular 35mm SLR’s. The most well known example of this would be the Mamiya 7, but they are sought after and a bit pricey for me and my habit! I instead found the next best thing Communist Germany had to offer. The Pentacon six TL.

Pentacon six TLR

Its your run of the mill focal plane shutter camera with either a waist finder or a pentaprism. Comes with a 80mm (50mm equivalent in 35mm format) Carl Zeiss Lens and boasts shutter speed ranging from 1/1000 to 1 Sec & Bulb. It shoots 6X6 and is stamped MADE IN GERMANY (EAST) on all the parts which all equals good times. I have loaded a roll of colour 400 in it and depending on what we are up to today I will try and shoot it off. I doubt that there will be any time to post results on the blog before we leave but I will try!

5 thoughts on “Nothing Better Then Looking At Junk With A Bunch of Camera Geeks

  1. Nice buy!

    I looked and looked, but didn’t find anything that made me reach for my wallet. I’d love to see the photos that come out of that camera.

  2. Beautiful camera, how have you got on with the Pentacon Six TL ? any images to share ?

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