So I had an opportunity to go on a super impromptu over night trek to the backroads of the world. ALONE.

I headed out to try out my new gate code for the back area of the Norrish Forest Service Roads near Mission BC.

Jetboil Genesis 2 Burner Stove making some foods!

Tiny and I went out that Late afternoon and after about an hour and forty five minutes on the highway from North Vancouver I was at the start of the Norrish FSR. After airing down and heading up the public access road to the gate it was already starting to get dark so I pretty much made camp along the road shortly after I go through the gate.

Airing down

To get where I wanted to be I did have to break out the winch to get into this particular spot, but once I was in there I managed to set up a rather secluded campsite.

It started raining pretty much as soon as I got set up so I didn’t get a lot of photos of the whole campsite setup but I did get this longer exposure while I was setting up the tent. :)