So you get more new years photos cause I am to damn lazy to do much else. I am however going to organize a late night photo walk for all those that may be interested! “Have tripod Will Travel?” I am thinking that we could go and take some fab photo’s of Granville Island and such. The weather is looking like it may co-operate over the next week so all interested drop me an email or comment here.

EDIT: Feb.26.2007 4:40pm

Ok the email should be working for sure now! My bad!

5 thoughts on “Night Photo Walk?? (well its not really a walk so much as stand and wait)

  1. Hey, tried the email link and my message bounced. Just fyi.

    We met at Tanya’s wine tasting and if you have room and don’t mind dragging around an amateur, I would be up for the photo walk.


  2. For Sure All who emailed me and commented are Welcome. Next week sometime… what works for all you?

  3. Moi aussi!!! I wouldn’t miss it when you are feeling better, R! ;) I’m definitely going to be buying a Rebel in the next week or so, as soon as I find a good deal on one!

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