When it comes to playing music for other people I am actually extremely shy believe it or not.  It takes quite a bit to bust out and really play my guitar when I am in the company of others. (‘cept when I am loaded then all inhibitions go out the window but then i sound terrible.) I am twenty times better at playing for people than I used to be, mostly because I am constantly forcing myself to take these leaps out of my comfort zones and I force myself to do scary things.  The result is that things are not so scary after a while.  An example of stepping out of comfort zones was at our New Years Party this year,  I was sitting on the kitchen counter playing my guitar when some people decided to go outside to the street to grab some air and watch the no pants crowd stumble about. I decided to join them and I brought my guitar with me.  So here I am playing random things outside on the streets of Gastown with all sorts of people walking by and listening, all of which was fairly tough for me to do, but I did it and I am glad that I did. So now imagine my fear of singing with people around! I assure you it is a ridiculously large fear
Today I was playing with the four track abilities of the Zoom H4 and I came up with this cut. This is me doing a cover of Neutral Milk Hotel’s The Communist Daughter. It is not a difficult song to sing or play (it is actually supposed to be sung so monotone) and this is not a prize winning performance by any means, but I figure that if we are going to have a band that I need to over come my fear of performing in front of people. Performing to an anonymous internet audience is my baby steps :)

I played one of the Guitar tracks first, then recorded the singing track, followed by a couple of different guitar tracks and then a hint of tambourine. 4-track recording is awesome!!!

3 thoughts on “New Music blogging

  1. This is wonderful!

    You don’t even sing around *me*, so this was a great surprise. I love it. Clearly, you need to sing much, much more.



  2. yeah man, that was awesome, i’m pretty sure you need to figure out singing and playing at the same time cause you would totally need to do that one yourself if we ever actually needed to fill a set list for any kind of gig, ever ;)

    i liked it much! :D

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