New macbook glory!

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So today I decided that I am sick and tired of dealing with crappy Windows Software/PC hardware.   I swear 3/4 of my workday is spent dealing with the shit and abuse that my computers insist on dishing on me!  I went down to the new apple store and demanded that they give me a new Macbook with a 4G-ram upgrade!!!  It was an hour before closing so I assumed that they would tell me to stuff it and come back tomorrow.  They didn’t do that instead they did precisely as I demanded with a smile and pleasant small talk!


The store was ridiculously busy but yet I was asked if I could be helped at least 15 times in the short time that I was there!!  I did the student deal and scooped up an 8gig Ipod touch for free as well! All good times!!  But it would seem that we are going for a beach BBQ now so this is all you get!

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