w00t I got a new job today!! I got a call from Jeff @ colorfast this morning and he still sounded really wishy washy so I went and applies at a Canoe and kayaking guiding company called Timberwolf Tours. And well a short story even shorter they called this evening and offered me the job. w00t!!! In other news I took my digicam in to FutureShop yesterday because the grain was getting insane and there were these lines through all the pictures. So I took it in and apparently when you buy the extended warranty for an item and the sales guy/gal says “if you ever have any problems just bring the INSERT EXPENSIVE ELECTRONIC ITEM HERE back in to the store and we will exchange it” he/she really means “I am going to tell you a bunch of bullshit so I can sell you crappy warranty’s that you cant refund and let you find out the truth when you try to redeem said warranty.” So to make a short story that is supposed to be shorter, longer. They had to send the digicam off for repair to some other place and I will be with out it for about 6 to 8 weeks. :( But what can you do I suppose. I think that I may get out and about and do some long exposures tonight in the country, however it depends if the sky clears up a bit more. Nevertheless, I do need to take a movie back before 11 so I feel that I better do that now!