So I am sitting in the training room at That place where I work on my first day drinking coffee and having lunch. I am not really hungry since I haven’t really done anything all day but sit in a chair but it is lunch none the less. The last few weeks have been hellishly busy. Cause you see Sundancer & I decided to host X-mas dinner for one of her sides of the family, so that multitude of household renovations and what have you really had to be done by Boxing day. Which did happen (I was only up to 7am the day before.) But Ya our house is basically finished there is a few things that need to be done to it yet but done nonetheless. Anyway we hosted dinner at our place, which worked out surprisingly well, there was plenty of room and the food was great. And I was half cut from about noon on :). So after the family left for home we fired of to New City to see the George Bushes play. I mean there was other bands there as well Like Old Reliable and other that escape my memory at this moment, but we were there to see The George Bushes. I took the camera and Got some more great photos. After they played Erin (from the GB) thought it may be cool to get up on to the marquee in front and take photos of them in front of the Sign so I after a quick run home to dump the camera I came back to see what we could do. The owner however didn’t think that it was such a good idea to stick a drunk band and Photographer up above a bunch of really hard cement. Which in retrospect was most likely for the best Any how. I am gonna go.

Talk later