It would seem that our life is managing to getting back to normal. So much in fact that I even had the time to be creative over this weekend. This is case number three in my custom art guitar cases and I have had the source book for this for at least two years just waiting for something to do with it.  I enjoy that this is a mesh of the two big creative things in my life Music and Photography! :)

I still need to seal the top with urethane but I am getting better at this whole custom decoupage cases. I am also looking at what else I could do for artistic custom guitar things. I have a pile of old band t-shirts that I have collected from people over the last while that I have some ideas about what to do with as well.

2 thoughts on “New Custom Guitar Case

  1. Hey Reilly,

    Love what you did with the guitar case it looks incredible. I was just wondering how you got that image onto the guitar case. Did you get a plastic mould printed and then glue it / melt in on? I would love to try something like this myself. Also would appreciate any programs you used to compile the pictures if not the standard photoshop. I play a Fender Strat myself so the case body is slightly different than the one for the Les Paul.

    Thanks for any tips you would be willing to share!


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