So I hereby declare my self a willing participant in 2009’s NaBloPoMo! Yup as last year for an entire month, I intend to fill your RSS readers with mostly pointless posts! Why? Well to say that I might be able to commit to something every day for thirty days! Really expect 10% half assed content and 90% filler like “hey I am posting about insert trivial item that is poorly described here” or “hey here is a some photo of something with little to no explanation” so you know status quo. :)

This will be a tough month for NaBloPoMo! We will be moving, we are spending an extended weekend in Tofino, we are doing a whole lot of recording/jammin, & we will be seeing shows galore! While I might have a lot of stuff to share with ya all, I doubt I will have much time to share it: )

That is all.