9/10/2003 11:56:28 AM
So I am sitting here in Grabba Jabba Having a coffee waiting for my camera battery to charge up. I have been wandering around Calgary’s downtown all morning with no real definitive destination in mind. I have got a few great pictures here I think, although I have no idea when I am going to be able to get to them. Maybe tonight I can look at a few and try to post them. I realized this morning that our sites are down and I haven’t a clue as to why. I can not get to anything in our network, and I fear that the router or our DSL is down. Mike is going to reboot the works next time he is over there. I miss our kitten a whole bunch, I wish he traveled better for then I would bring him everywhere with us. I feel that I have been far too conservative with the picture taking but I am also not bracketing many shots so it may be just that that makes me think I am not taking enough pictures. I took some shots of some broken glass at a C-train station, but in reviewing them I may go back and see about taking some more. I mean I would jump at it cept it is what feels Like 10 trillion blocks away. Perhaps I will take the C-train (which is free downtown ALL the time, Unlike Edmonton and there wonky hours of 9 to 3) and save my self some walking. Well the battery is still blinking three times (for those not in the know it has levels of charging that are indicated by the number of sequential blinks) so perhaps I will grab another coffee. AHhhahahha As I was typing this it stopped blinking and is charged ahhaahah. It would seem that I don’t need another coffee after all. Well I better get back at it then.

9/10/2003 2:21:28 PM
So I am now at our Hotel again. Man I am tired. I have walked like there was know tomorrow. I had the GPS attached to my backpack for the entire time that I was about. However, large office buildings and such tend to block the signal so I can only guess as to where I went in between :) Not to mention that when My GPS has poor signal it tends to make stuff up sometimes. For example it said that my distance traveled was 441 km now I am pretty sure that I reset it when I got here but who knows.

I am transferring more pictures and taking a rest, having a coffee, charging batteries :)

9/11/2003 8:34:52 AM
It is our last day in Calgary and on one hand I am glad and the other I am not. But one thing I can say for sure is that I miss our kitten I am really to go home simply to play with him, and cuddle him, and have him bitch at me for not being there. I am really glad that we are going to take him to Montr?al because I don’t think I could be away for that long :) Mike & Michelle have been going over every day to feed & play with him, so I hope that he isn’t too lonely. I am packing up our hotel and I can’t believe just how one can move in to there new surroundings, it looks like we have been here a week not three days :). Last night we went for dinner with Miranda’s go worker Stacey who is also in Calgary. We went to this great restaurant on McLeod and 17th that was absolutely fabulous. It was called Ed’s I believe. We were there for a few hours while they talked about work and I thought about other stuff. The food was great and not that Expensive or anything. But on that note I better get at it the packing.

9/11/2003 11:15:24 AM
So I am sitting in this Cafe at the Calgary zoo dumping the CF Card and having lunch. Man the weather sure turned miserable out. That day that started out great with lots of sunshine and warm has turned into what feels like an October or November day. I have my hoody on and I am still sort of cold. Anyway this is a really nonce Zoo here. The cages look all up kept and neat while the grounds and such are lush and vibrant. One could spend an entire Day here and not even scratch the surface of what there is to see. I am going to give it the best breeze through that I can but I don’t really know if I can get it all in. I am a little disappointed that the animals are mostly behind cages as apposed to a more open concept like San Diego’s is (or so I have heard) But I guess what can you do when there is only so much money. The Gorillas have the open concept as much as they can which is very cool.

But the cards had finished so I will sign off.
9/11/2003 8:05 PM
So we are home now, and I fixed our website so now you can all read about the weeks events :) I hung around the Zoo till about 1 O’clock and I went and had a nap in the car til about 2ish when Miranda called me to come get her so we could come home and Here we are. But my cat is calling me to come and Play with him so I am going to go now. I may post later tonight after Coffee with Mike.

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  1. Ahh … the Calgary zoo – I love the gorillas! It sounds like you had a great time in Calgary : ) I was going through Reilly and Miranda blog reading withdrawal – glad you are back up!

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