One of the best parts of the Nikon DF is it’s low light abilities. I haven’t compared the low light capabilities of the Df against other Nikon cameras by any means, and I do plan on doing that some time soon, but the fact remains that all the current line of Nikon Full Frame cameras are light years (excuse the bad semi pun) ahead of 3, 5, or even 10 years ago.

I don’t want to sound like some old timer talking about the good old days, but back then there was little difference in Film and Digital. I recall My trusted Canon 1Ds Mark II’s highest reliable ISO was 800 and you could use ISO 1600 if the exposure was bang on and in then usually only in a pinch. Now days I will set my camera on 800 almost as a default walk around ISO allowing for high shutter speeds in all situations :)

_DSC7347---January-21,-2015 _JER0039---February-25,-2015  _JER9694---February-18,-2015

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