So I am sitting here waiting to hear back from the tech support section of my work in regards to my Computer profile. And I have nothing to do except wait. You know what that means! The Ipaq and I are going to write you all a little blog entry. There was a DJ at the bar last night so it was super loud till some time after two thirty so needless to say I am a little bit sleepy today. Mike came up last night at least and talked about the things that they are going to do to make the place quiet. I think that they are acutely aware of the city’s feelings about noise in a residential building if the fiasco that The Rev went though is any indication. The city’s bi-laws are on our side and they know that as well I am sure, because the minute that I said I was going to call the cops we saw immediate and constant action. There was even some discussion about their contingency plans and where the next step is. Doesn’t change the fact that I am super sleepy though.

Man my feet stink. I changed the way that I am sitting so I am sitting on my foot and wowzers it is crazy.

I met with a new model today for a cup of java and what have you; she was cool and open to do a lot of creative things, which is cool! We booked a shoot for next week in studio I will try and get Ali the make up artist to come out to do makeup. On another note to do with photography we may be doing wedding photos at West Edmonton Mall next weekend and I am not really sure what I think about that. I really hate the place but there is a lot that we could do in the mall like Bride and groom playing mini golf and other such things. I have been having a hell of a time getting though to the appropriate people to get permission to shoot there. No one feels the need to answer the phone or return messages arrrg. I am living on coffee, cola, and no sleep these days and I am still really far behind in things. I have a shit load of photos that I haven�t seen yet that are needing to go out and even more that need to go to the lab or to the end party.

Because I am so behind you guys get old leftover photos.

Alberta Research Centre.

Random Vee Dub

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