Among a very long list of random out and about errands that I had today was a trek to Vancouver City Hall. I went to the dreaded Cambie construction area to get a commercial permit for the Xterra, mostly so we can park in those nifty 30min commercial zones (as well as at meter till 10:30am with out paying as it turns out) I figured that I was already paying the insurance then I might was well reap the commercial parking benefits. While I was getting all permitted up I figured that My Friend Lisa needed a legal busking license.


busking-049 busking-023busking-032

Yuppers My Friend Lisa Can preform anywhere in public now (Except immediately adjacent to the Gastown Steam Clock it would seem) and being that it is so fracking nice out, I anticipate that it will happen much more often.

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3 thoughts on “The Jerk Is Now Allowed to Play In Public, & Park In Neat Places.

  1. Yaaaay cherry blossom pictures! I can’t wait to take pictures of them all over the city. I’ll wait for a sunny day though :)

    The cherry blossoms always remind me that spring is starting…

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