Yup according to Fed-EX it should be entering Canada very soon me thinks!

Fed Ex Tracking for the Meg/Diana Plastic Camera
For those that have no idea what the hell I am talking about The White Stripes and Lomography hooked up to release a White Stripes Version of the famous Holga and the Diana and I bought a Diana/Meg. Now I hope the it arrives before we go to Banff to see Matt Good
35mm Diana Camera

4 thoughts on “My Diana/Meg Is Nearly Here!

  1. dear friend, i can definitely feel your excitement! the classic diana sells for about 4,000 pesos here (roughly around $40) in the phils. and lomo addicts are going ga-ga over diana’s return! bought my partner a holga for our 3rd anniversary and damn was he trigger happy! (rolls in laughter)

    btw, thanks for the recommended site! i will travel to Davao City (one of our many beautiful destinations) on the 3rd week of November and i shall be following your advice, oh obewan kenobi…(kneels on one knee and bows in respect)

    :-p Peace!

  2. Hello,
    I’m thinking of buying a Diana+ lomo camera with a Holga fisheye lens adaptor, and I was just wondering:
    Is the Holga fisheye adaptor compatible the DIANA+ camera?

  3. So does the Holga Fisheye work with the Diana+ the short answer is no :( The Diana lens is smaller in diameter then the Holga’s so the adapter wont mount on! (It’s 4.6mm on the Diana and 5.4mm on the fisheye adapter) That said you can simply hold it in front of the lens as you take a photo or if you were really ambitions you could wrap tape or something else around the Diana+ lens till it was the same diameter as the fish eye adapter, let us know what you found works.

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