Tonight the kiddo wasn’t really interested in sleeping when he usually sleeps, so I figured “hey I know let the two of us go for a stroll around the block and shoot some more film through the Nikon F100.” I would like to run a few rolls through it before going to the Czech Republic later this month, (yes we are going to go hang in Prague more on that later) but I had loaded it with 100ASA speed film the other day and even though it was getting dark I figured I could get at least a few shots off. I almost didn’t bring another camera with me but the slow film made me think otherwise. About 10 min into the walk Corbin was crashed out and It was basically way to dark to shoot anything at ISO 100. I thought about turning back but instead I started shooting a couple multiple exposures.

You see you can shoot a 1/3 to a 1/2 stop down if you are multiple exposing the same frame otherwise the overlapping exposures may be over exposed. It is a neat trick that I have used in the past with slow film in dark places. Eventually it got to dark even for that so I traded the film camera out for the digital.

I took a shot of the sky and noticed that my fancy new camera has a CMOS Spot. no biggie this is what happens. I glanced at the menu to see if there is a quick clean feature like with canon and I was presented with a menu option that says ‘multiple exposure’  It couldn’t be. could it?. even if it is it would be to jpg… what raw… mmmmmm….. .Yup…I’m officially in love with all things Nikon!

Yup the D7100 has a feature that allows you to shoot multiple exposures (2 or 3) to the same NEF raw file. Meaning you can do any raw processing that you can do to a singular file!


It even has an auto gain setting that will adjust those 1/3-1/2 stops that may or may not be needed. I remember seeing the setting but I thought It was just in the ‘effects menu’ where you can process raw files into jpg with fun features. I didn’t think that you could shoot it live and real and RAW!!


Nikon D7100 - multiple exposure mode Nikon D7100 - multiple exposure mode Nikon D7100 - multiple exposure mode Nikon D7100 - multiple exposure mode

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  1. I just found out that my Nikon can do this a few weeks ago. Haven’t done anything with it yet but I’ll probably play around with it this weekend.

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