This is a project that I have embarked upon mostly on a whim and without any clear understanding of what I wanted it look like. Normally I embark on my projects with a clear understanding of where I would like to go, I might not end up where I thought I would, in fact I rarely do, but I almost always start with a firm idea a hashed out concept. Not here. I literally had no real clue what I wanted this all to look like when I started shooting with Shona in the middle of September, but thus far just 4 session in and with 6 more planned I am loving this whole seat of the pants thing.
I will post the fruits of these as we go along starting with my Shoot with Abby.

I know Abigail from the local J.J.Bean and have seen her kick ass on stage in her band but really didn’t no much about her other then 20second small talk.









Now she tells me that she has never been a ‘model’ before so I am doublly amazed at what an awesome job she did! Seriously Standing around while I futz with settings and chimp every freaking shot (not at all how i normally shoot) it would be hard to not get bored and what not. Nope she was awesome! I would shoot with her anytime!


So are you interested in having a photo session like this one!? Guy or Gal, Stranger or someone I know, it doesn’t matter at all get in touch!