These photos are the result of one of the things that I tend to do when I am out taking polaroids with the Mamiya or a Land Camera. I will often take a photo but leave it undeveloped in the camera or film back and then double expose it at a different time/place. Some times I do this intentionally and other time I just mean to develop it in a few moments but completely I forget. Regardless of the intent I have ended up with a few double exposures of late that I think are stupid rad!!

This photo is the product of a complete accident I Shot the photo session with Sera-Lys at the end of March last year where it sat forgotten in the camera for almost a year till I went on a road trip to the Alexandra Bridge near Hells Gate BC and I un-knowingly double exposed it in Hope  BC.

These are photo of the Alexandra Bridge, near Hells Gate and a highway tunnel again taken months apart only this time it was on purpose :)

The Film is the second last pack I have of the Polaroid Blue 100 film shot using a Land Camera 360.

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Mean Them To Be Multiple Exposures But They Are Awesome!!

  1. I`ve been stuck on digital photography for so long that since I`ve been doing photography, I haven`t explored different dimensions of it. This amazes me. I`ve gotta do some research. Good job!

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