I went on a trek today with the new motorbike. I am in love and want to do nothing but ride around all day long!!!

Here are photos of the bike!

Here is a photo of josh being josh :)


As well I also found a great many things today!

I found a whale. (it was dead)

I found the place that country kitsch goes to die! (it was in Delta, they served coffee)

I found America… (It was on the other side of that fence.)

I found delicious meat

I found where fruit and veggies go to die. (in large piles again in delta)

I found the worlds busiest small airport.

I found the ends of the earth.

I found a really big camera (nope not a typo…. It is a carriage that is also a camera)

I found out how many KM’s I can go on a tank of gas (but don’t worry bikes come with a reserve)

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