So again I had about an hour to kill at VGH while M became a little bit less of a cripple, so I thought that I would spend some time wandering about taking photo glory. I was about forty five minuets in to wandering about, capturing photo gold at every turn, when a security guard who was walking by, said that I wasn’t allowed to take photos.   What was funny is he was the fourth or possibly the fifth security guard that I had walked by and openly taken photos in front of and he was the first to say anything and he really didn’t seem to care at that.  I said ok and then I asked him why? as I often do when told that I am not allowed to take photos (mostly cause by putting them on the spot you can learn whether or not there is actually a real policy in place or if they are just trying to look like they are doing their job) and I got what I think is the best made up on the spot answer ever.  Umm… errrr.. patient confidentiality? I laughed a little inside and continued what I was doing and he continued on his way.

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