As you know I have been going through the archives of the institute as of late, and I came across a photo shoot that I did in 2004 that I have never even looked at! I feel like Garry Winogrand lately taking photos and not looking at them, but what can you do really. So ya this was a shoot that we did in studio as well as on a snowy golf course in an Alberta November! I ended up getting fairly busy and going though this shoot got back burnered untill today.

As my loving M said yesterday “it has been four years since we have had a life” Its funny that concept of time to do things for the sake of doing them as apposed to a means to an end. well anyway I am going to try and find some photogenic snow so enjoy.

Golf anyone

2 thoughts on “More Old Photos

  1. At first sight, i thought it was a wand she was holding.
    However, very nice shot. :)

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