I am headed up a mountain right now to play in what is hopefully awesome snow, but I also wanted to share some of yesterdays much anticipated film glory. It will be a day or so before it is all scanned in because I am an idiot and insist on scanning everything in at super high quality. It takes about and hour and a half to scan three 6×7 frames or 12 35mm frames and I have like 5 rolls from yesterday and I am behind another four or five from last week, so you can do the math. But I am super impressed with the cross process of the Kodak Portra 800. It was exactly what i was hoping for I just hope the 400 and 160 give me the same level of awesome. The tungsten Cross Process i am not so wild about. I think the next rolls i shoot of it I will just stick to regular process and shoot in the daylight. I have no examples yet but soon. For now i am off to cypress for snowboarding glory.