Monday August 12 2002 12 – 3 pm

So Here I am in class and we are talking about Spit. Odd I am for a reminder in my crim class Odd I am sure that there is a point ahhh there is it is – Spit is gross = Socially constructed Odd. So anyway, I answered an email from Lindsey at FAVA about a guy that is looking for a Digital Editor and/or suite. So I fired an email to him and got a call back the same day. He sounds like this sorta odd guy I am not really sure what to expect from him. However, irregardless the guy is going to pay me money and I mean real money to edit video. Well I am not sure of all the details he is going to come over tonight at around 5 pm and we will talk about what his needs are. Should be cool. Miranda and I have totally cleaned our Kitchen/art room and living room. It is so very cool. There is like nothing in our living room except our futon and Miranda’s desk. The track lighting is in on the walls in each side of our living room with three lights on each string, there are pointed on the wall at the paintings that we are hoping to place on the wall. I have also been drawing all the time, just drawing parts of our house including our kitchen and living room and the painting easel with the drawing on the easel with the drawing easel etc…. I also drew this neat pic of a fist using pastels and charcoal on drawing paper. I will post a pic of of it up soon. In fact I will have most of my work up here soon. Ahhh we are going over our tests now and she (Prof) is making up read one of our answers out loud I really hate that I hope that she won’t choose me. I didn’t do as good on this exam as I did last time. I only got 67.7% Unlike the 78 that I got on the last one. Wow I made it all the way through the test review and I didn’t have to read out loud. Man oh man there are these two whinny chicks in the class and they are all whoa is me they are making our program stay at Millwood’s and blaa blaa and there is like no support and nobody to sit there for hours and listen to me wine about bullshit. Man I wonder how long they last in any other school. Like the UofA or the UBC you know a real school that isn’t there to hold your hand and your education is in your own hands YOUR HANDS. People are just so goddamn apathetic and lazy you know that. Like today they are all asking the Prof can you out line what exactly I should know for the final cause I don’t want to read the 138 pages in one of the chapters. Oh ok the break is over now so Id better pay attention :)

Oh she has given us all the notes on a hand out so I just have to pay attention, which I guess if I am writing here I am not Paying attention. :)

Man it is cold in here today. I am just sitting here freezing to death. In about twenty minutes, I am going to become an ice cube I assure you. My typing is getting slower and the spelling is getting worse. Ahh Break time, time to get a new coffee to warm my ass up. So I am going to try to write to this more often I have been really bad at keeping up with it lately. As you can see since we got back from vacation, I have been a real slack assed blogger. So, I will get back into the swing of things again and write more often, which is something that I say all the time but I have been quite good at it.