I haven’t posted very many words in along time but I have been sort of busy. I am at work right now so I am sure that this entry is going to sound like it was written by a four year old. I have been pretty busy with random stuff as of late

Monday I, having the day off work, woke up at some ungodly hour to drive Miranda to the airport. After dropping her off I hung around to take some shots of the airplanes taking off and what not. I am not sure if I got many good shots I had to stand on the roof of the car with a tripod and what have to get over fence. I also had delusions that I was driving some beefy 4X4 because I managed to get stuck twice on these airport adventures. After the Sun came up, the awesome shots taken, and the Car was unstuck from a foot of snow fro the last time, I fired off to St. Albert to drop off some forms & paperwork & such. It was an uber nice drive on an uber nice day.
At about 11 am I had a photo shoot with Sommers (her modeling pseudonym) I was pretty excited to meet up with her because we have been trying to work our schedules for about two or three months now. This photoshoot rocked, she is a natural model I hardly had to instruct on what to do & I think I have a lot of great shots from this single shoot.

I am actually really amazed because I am only the second photographer that she has ever worked with and she acted totally pro about everything. If she wants too she could go far as a model. She has a super interesting look to her as well that I am totally thinking of different ideas for future shoots. I am very excited to see what the shots are going to turn out like, but from a quick glance at the digital proofs I can see a lot of potential on a lot of fantastic shots. She brought a friend with her that I have forgotten her name, but her friend was uber fun in fact they both were pretty fun to hang around with while we were in the shoot, we all were able to talk about bands and what not and the shows that we have been to as of late. In fact I think we spent out ten min looking for a particular Modest Mouse song that we wanted to hear. We did eventually abandon this cause it was taking forever, and we didn’t ever actually find the song. :) Our little kitten was super sociable, in fact it was sort of a good thing that she brought her friend over who became our official photo shoot kitten wrangler. I think that I am going to have to start inspecting bags and what have you when people leave to make sure that no one is catnapping our cute kitten, because it has been threatened many times by multiple people.
I also had another photo shoot with Cara later that afternoon.

We did some basic studio work for a while but we also ventured out side for a quick stint, however, even with it being uber nice out it was still a little chilly for such things. After the shoot I ran back to the Municipal Airport and Picked Miranda up from her flight from Calgary. After some food, we drove around for a bit did some shopping. Came home watched some CSI.

On Saturday I was to have a photo shoot with Kristen in the morning but she was a no show. So I had the morning free to try and get caught up on photos. Miranda and went out & about to the antique store & I think that we drove to Dons Photo to look at the Random light stuff. At 3ish I had a photo shoot with Cara a model from Muse cube.

It was a good shoot as well we did some simple studio work as well as a venture into the stairwell. I think that we have got some great stuff here but only time and Photoshop will tell. Later that night we picked up Roy and went to M&M’s for movies and Video games. Good times indeed.