A New (actually old) Short Film

After a long night and an even longer walk home, two friends face some hard truths and discover what true friendship really takes.

This short shot in one long overnight shooting session on Vancouver’s Iconic Lions Gate Bridge with the Ever Talented Jenna Newton & Jasmine Walton truly going above and beyond as we braved the cold for multiple long takes and as we waited for the Sun to rise! Written and Directed by Shannon Mckague, Shot on the Original Blackmagic Pocket 4K with the Nikon 14-24 F/2.8 Lens on the DJI Ronin M Sound was two Rode Filmmaker Lav Mics feed into a Tascam Recorder. We had one LED Panel on a very tall stand that didn’t have any sandbags and that was it. Very low key shooting

Like most things Polka Dot this has sat on a Hard Drive for a couple years now waiting to get edited! But here we are a Complete Edit. Couple things that I learned while editing this is that constant lesson that i should know by now But I don’t!!


Seriously over 7 different shots in here are all from one camera roll. Which makes Colour Correcting from the RAW nearly impossible as the raw file settings for one shot are often not even close to the same for the next shot. It required a lot of frame counting and futzing about to get this one “Coloured” If i were to do this again I would have lit more shots instead of relying on natural light and I would have start/stopped that camera between shots!