Yup after a week that reminded me of the craziness that was our move to the rainy City, we are hopefully on the tail end of this rollercoaster ride that has been our lives. I am super tired and not really interested in anything Christmas but in an effort to be like everybody else, I will fake it!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Now for those that know me, me wishing people a Merry Christmas may sound a little funny. You see I HATE Christmas and all its consumerist traditions. I won’t get into it but I have a hard time getting behind the holiday season for it usually means that none of the stores are open and that there is nothing good on TV, and well it is a pain! However any time people are nice to other people even if they were told to do so by some foolish holiday ideal, and even though they are mean bastards to everyone the rest of the year, I can’t complain. So Happy Holidays and be sure to drink heavily.

We had an awesome wedding yesterday, there is something about weddings on holidays that make them so different then a regular wedding, Update on the car it looks like the only damage we did was ruin the tires! I fully expected that there were bent rims, damaged undercarrage, and some sort of you drove over a curb dumass so we are revoking your right to drive ticket! But it looks like this is not the case! So that makes me happy. After driving the delica for a day, coupled with ruining my car via a simple parking curb, it really makes me want an xterra. This summer maybe! Well I am going to make the most of my paid internet and browse facebook and stuff for 45 min. Happy Holidays.

1 thought on “It’s Christmas people! We are waiting at the Airport!

  1. Heyy!
    lol…ik wat u mean…it’s just that Christmas is too happy…and it just isn’t fun anymore…it’s just kinda lost it’s meaning…i agree that it’s a pain…I’ve MAYBE listened to 20 Christmas songs tops this whole season…lol…ya at least there is some kind of a nice bone in their body
    lol about the car and the curb, altho it’s not that funny for the cost but just in general its hilarious…it’s crazy that only the tires blew out…love ur photos and blog they’re kick ass!!!!

    (my trade mark signature so don’t mind the heart)

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