Film Cameras

My favourite addition to the film camera collection this past year was the Mamiya C330. This TLR camera with interchangeable lens is a great medium 6×6 shooter. it will shoot 120 or 220 rolls and this 80mm (50mm 35mm equivalent) lens has an aperture range of f/2.8 to f/32 and shutter speed from Bulb to 1/500. Shooting with both a waist level finder and no built in light meter defiantly makes one slow down and think about your shot which is fun. However I might pick up some 220 rolls this year to stretch out the number of shots to 24 a roll as apposed to the 12 shots for I feel I am always at the end of the roll.

Mamiya-C330-TLR-jerkwithacamera-001 Mamiya-C330-TLR-jerkwithacamera-002 Mamiya-C330-TLR-jerkwithacamera-003 Mamiya-C330-TLR-jerkwithacamera-004





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