Long Exposures and my keys

So last night after work, I decided that I would do a little drive about and take some long exposures of different places in town. I was a little lonely so I invited Roy the only other person that I know who would be awake at 1 o’clock in the morning. I only grabbed a few shots of different places because it was quite cold out with the wind and I also find that when you are taking really brightly coloured flashes and firing them off 20 to 30 times each per exposure that it is best to not stay in one spot for to long. It helps one avoid the security guard and police harassment that comes from night photography :) So Roy and I decided that Coffee was in order so off to the house of Keegans we went. When we arrived and I proceeded to look the keys in the car. I do this often but I always have a spare key in my camera Bag to let me in when I do. Well this time the spare key wasn’t in my bag and I had no means to get in Donna (who is a part time car thief in addition to being the best waitress) even came out and try her hand at getting in. I wasn’t to concerned because I have a spare set of keys at home (or so I thought) So Anne Marie was nice and gave me a quick lift home so I could grab the keys But I discovered that I didn’t have the spare set either they were awol so I grabbed a close hanger and came back to the car and played with it for a while till I got it open. Silly me.