As I said before I don’t often get a chance to play with high contrast shadows, However, with all the super nice weather we had last week I have been stepping out of my usual comfort zone, that and I was already horribly sunburnt from the weekend. All in all good times!

So yesterday was what we call a day off! Meaning that for half the day i did work and the other half I didn’t. I did fun stuff instead! Fun stuff which I will share later today if I get it finished and time willing. Yup it is really fun stuff though. :)

1 thought on “Living in Vancouver

  1. Hi Jerk! It is very interesting to see your blog! Look your photowork! I like your style! You always find time to write news on your blog! It’s cool! I put your site to my favorites… and i be visit and look new photowork…

    Best regards, Vasily
    Russia, Volgograd

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