I have wanted to take this photo from the middle of the Lions Gate Bridge forever, and I finally was able to do so.

A bridge

…and no I am not hanging in the middle of traffic! The bridge was closed to clean up an accident (non fatal so that is good) so I walked along, hopped the rail and took the photo! There is something about hanging in places that you are not supposed to hang that makes it really cool! Especially when you are on foot in a realm normally devoted to cars!! Now to try and get this photo at night!

3 thoughts on “I Really Wanted This Photo!!

  1. That’s really cool! I always think it’s fun to be on foot where cars are supposed to be. A friend and I once tangoed on the highway between calgary and edmonton in the middle of the night :) It was fun! A great memory…

  2. Ya I know!! I was going to go into more depth about that but i was on the way out the door to party! Being on foot in forbidden place is so exilerating!

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