So this Jerk has said goodbye to the PC world and has gone to the light side. Yup we have almost moved our entire workflow over to Mac and part of this move was to be able to functionally use lightroom as part of a viable work flow. Of course it has always worked on the PC just not at all quickly. I can process 100 photos using the canon software DPP and Photoshop in the same time that it would take to do 20 using the PC version of lightroom. I really didn’t know that it was slow until I used it on my first hackintosh setup and was blown away. Lightroom on the Mac OS (even on the same hardware running a hackintosh ie: OSX86) a blazingly fast. So imagine my delight when I read this morning that lightroom 2 was no longer in the beta stage and was released as a full version. I have downloaded the trial version and installed it on the macbook but I had to run out the door so I will take a look at it soon. The Lightroom Killer Tips blog says that there is some new features that weren’t in the beta. So I will look and learn and hopefully report. Anyway today we get a random photo that I was able to fire out of the archives using LR 2 beta. It was taken when I was wandering around one night. Drunk I think i was drunk…. ahh who knows


4 thoughts on “Lightroom 2 is no longer a beta

  1. Hey Reilly,

    We’ve met at NetChicks place a couple of times but I’m sure you don’t remember me. I was wondering if I could ask you a quick question regarding camera purchases.

    I’ve been using a friends 20D for a while and would like to pick up a Canon Digital SLR of my own. I would prefer the full frame of a 5D and remember that you once talked about a web site you use to buy used equipment. Would you be able to email me (or post) that URL again? and would you recommend buying used digital cameras this way (I know you do but you’re a professional and know exactly what you are looking for).

    Do you know of any other places that have reliable equipment for sale that might be local?

    Thanks in advance for your help! Your photography is amazing not to mention, inspirational.


  2. hey Paul You might wanna check out it is the used place that I was talking about. They have a ton of new & used gear for sale. If you watch it regularly you can get sweet deals. the Keh rating system is awesome and they have under rated every thing I have ever bought from them. As for local there is kerrisdale cameras. They have a lot of used stuff but I am not sure what the selection is like and what the quality is like as well. They do list everything on the website. As for would I buy used? I never used to buy used when it came to digital gear but after the last mark II we bought used I don’t think I will buy new again. :). Good luck in the search, let us know how it turns out.

  3. I downloaded the upgrade to LR 2.0 the day it came out. It ‘is’ slightly slower then 1.4, but it is HANDS DOWN much better IMO. I can do much more inside of LR, and spend less time in Photoshop. That being said the integration between Photoshop/LR is also much better now.

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