Right around my birthday in 2012 we fulfilled a many year dream of mine. Since nearly the beginning of my photography career I was interested in,…. No obsessed with the Leica Rangefinder. I would search flea markets, and antique shops looking for a surprise deal. Every camera show that I would go to was to snag a cheaper than cheap M3 or M6. Street photographers that I would study 8 out 10 times shot with a Leica (except Vivian Maier of course she was a badass that did it with a TLR)

So In 2012 we bought one, and it wasn’t a film M3 or M6 it was a fairly new to market at that time Leica M9!

I named it once in a dream, but I forgot the name when I woke up. What I could remember is that the name I had come up with was so perfect and so fitting that I couldn’t bear to come up with another one as it would always be inferior & lackluster, so the camera would remain nameless forever more

This camera and I went legitimately everywhere together! We went to Tofino, we traveled to Alberta. It was around my neck 100% of the time in the Czech Republic, and it wandered nearly every street and alley in Vancouver. If the adage of “the best camera is the one you have with you” then this was in fact the absolute best camera. For the next 5 (almost 6) years this unnamed camera & I were inseparable… Until November of 2017 when our house was broken into and this camera with almost all my other gear was stolen.

This is a long story in and of itself but the take away for today is that out of all the things that disappeared that night the only thing that I miss till this day was that Unnamed Lecia M9 Camera.?

In celebration of this old camera, I figured that we can show a small handful of photos from the glorious 5+ years that I had the pleasure of shooting with this guy! ?

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