Last night we went to see walk the Line the movie about Johnny Cash, fantastic movie & if ya haven’t seen it yet do soon. At first it sorta reeked of a made for TV movie like the one about Ritchie Valens or Roy Orbison, but this one was about the CASH. We went for food after at this pub called The Lennox on Granville near the theatre (where totally off topic I meet up with a model once) where there was good food, & really big beers.

I am waiting for M’s parent’s plane at the YVR and it appears that it may be a bit delayed. It’s hard to say though because the reader boards are a little broken. I assume we will find each other.

The not so neat thing about time off for x-mas is all the catch up that needs to happen after the stuffing has been had. I have prints to reprint, orders to return, business cards to modify meetings with Mr. Black, & so on & so on. All of this needs to be done soon so we can again take time off when M has it from work.

Oh & I almost forgot Another big step to becoming a full time permanent BC Residents was taken this week as well. Our cars are officially legal in the Province of BC and Our Drivers Licenses are in the mail.