I looove love love love this photo. I am not sure what it is about it but I just love it :)

This is a ladder that was leaning against a wall at the new Woodwards development. It was funny because I was ignoring all the wonderful architecture, and the large rotating neon W (although it wasn’t rotating yesterday), and I was instead looking at a wall in the back alley. You know, ignoring the pretty things and opting for the grungy alley that smells like pee is normal behavior for me really :) What made this special is there was a group of people that I could only assume were group photo walking that happened to come along and start taking photos of the wonderful architecture, and the large non-rotating neon W. All fine, but what was really funny is they looked at me while I was down on my knees basically laying on the ground at the entrance to the aforementioned pee soaked alley taking a photo of a ladder.  What I am basically trying to mutter out here is that I love love love the fact that any place can be a beautiful location, and that any thing can be a beautiful subject. Even if it is in a pee soaked alley near wonderful architecture.

A Black & White Ladder

1 thought on “Ladders & Back Alleys

  1. the aged wall def. pays tribute to the dated latter, the texture combined with the lighting…it’s all these very subtle elements working together (for me anyways) it’s like they all traveled through time and met up in the present for you to capture :o) ok, too far?

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