Roo I have a song for you. Pixie By Ani Difranco. It is also the some of the day.

I have been madly finishing up the yellow page advertisement and stuff. *Thanks to Scotty for the back seat photoshopping :) We took our prospective ad and printed it off on crappy newsprint at the right size, we then cut it out, opened up the yellow pages and stuck it over top of other ad’s the same size. I think that it will look good and stand out from the others in the book. I am really scared about this whole Ad in the yellow pages thing. I mean what if I don’t get any customers from it, which would be a lot of money down the drain. Or worse what if I get swamped with people? I mean there is only so much that I can do :)
Well I have finished Melissa’s Wedding, Greg & Anita’s Wedding, and Jodie’s Cd’s. I just need to book some burner time at Mikes place and fire off a whack. I am happy with most of the shots although I can see room for improvement in a lot of places. We bought some colour ink for our printer and I realized that a 50 dollar printer is unable to compare to 300 dollar one in terms of quality :)
I need to sleep more. This go to bed at 5:00am and up at 8:00am is not really a healthy amount of sleep, especially when it is the amount that you get everyday :). I guess I am getting older, because I used to sleep 3 to 4 hours a night for, well, ever. As of late I can’t really do it anymore. Well I can, but it is less enjoyable :)

Clear your calendar for next Saturday (not tomorrow but a week away) for the ever loved R&M Shindig. We are having a rocken get-together next Saturday, so bring you self, your friends, and come on down to R&M loft. Much merry making and sucj will occur I assure you! More details to come as the week goes on!