There is… There is so much going on in the photo. This is the result of a new technique that I am doing a bit more of these days.

I used to walk as much and as far as I could to maximize the chances that I would have to run across people and situations to talk photos of. At the height of my street photography past (so 2013-2015) it would be nothing for me to have walked 15 – 17 km (20,000+ steps) in a day of photos.

I am still doing that today to a much lesser extent (5-6km but I am pushing a stroller and a tiny human around with me) But i have been trying to find a good composition regardless of the humans in it and then wait. Just wait for something interesting to happen.

Here I saw the fellow lighting his cigarette and then to my right I saw this ‘character’ wandering towards the frame. Normally i would shoot two frames. The smoking guy and then the character to my right. instead I framed up this and waited till the ‘character’ wanders into the frame. It is not perfect and I hate that the smoking guy is looking at the camera. (i don’t like it when people do that, might be because I spent almost a decade taking of people that did look at that camera.) but it is an interesting way to approach the photo