I am just hanging waiting till I go to the dudes side of the wedding prep. I would go a spot early but he asked me to come back at 2:30, so that leaves me with some unadulterated blog time!

They came and finished the floors today. Well we hope they are finished anyway. They may need to give them another coat on Tuesday but we will see. Basically our house stinks to high heaven. I was starting to get high just hanging about this morning. I feel bad for Miranda who is sort of stuck in it all day. There were cleaners that came yesterday to clean up Van Halen’s mess of messes and they did a real bang up job. You almost couldn’t tell that there ever was a sand happy 80’s rocker playing with power tools and pretending to not get paid by the hour. I mean I wish I was paid by the hour for jobs that I then determine how long they should take. I am sure that our four day displacement made him enough money to buy some studio time, or perhaps he could invest in a comb and/or toothbrush or maybe he can now put some new strings on his flying V or something.

So anyway he and his mess are gone and the painter came this morning and said that it would only take about twenty min or so to paint the floor and he was the first person yet to come in and give me an estimate and actually be in and out when he said he would. So we have to wait 24 hours to walk on the floor and 72 until we can move furniture in an such. So barring that there isn’t any huge unforeseen something or other (wait while I load the iPhone knock on wood App and well knock on wood) we should be able to continue the studio renovations that we are in control of this weekend. Starting with some painting and the floor repair where the old wall was. Should be fun anyway! Alright it is about that time now so…..

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