On Tuesday I had some errand’s to run so I took my scooter and my camera! I took my time from point A to B and took photos of what I saw. This was a neat wall that I would love to use for a photoshoot! Maybe next week!

Some how I am busy. I have no real idea how that is but I am. I don’t even have a lot on the go it just seems that there is a tonne of stuff that I am not getting done! I blame the amount of sleep I have been getting lately! Well today it stops! No sleep till the work/fun gets done I tell ya! That way I can put more time into the really fun things like photo excursions, band practices, and of course more snowboarding. Our super busy season is creeping up quickly and I am not sure what I think about that, so one must make the best of the time at hand! That starts with the 187 unread inbox items :(

Our first band practice was a raging success yesterday! I simply cannot believe how quickly we meshed right of the start! I went into it with really low expectations and was really really really surprised because we really rocked out well for the first jam ever and my first in 12 to 15 years! So here you have it the much anticipated first jam session of our yet to be named band! This is our cover of a song by one of my favorite now defunct bands called Rainer Maria. Yuppers even though we may rock for an hour of playing together I don’t think we are quite ready to book the Cobalt quite yet! Give us a week or so!

4 thoughts on “Just A Tree! Oh & A Green Wall As Well!

  1. i’d just like to let it be known that i have NEVER sung with a band before and am still figuring out the nuances of making myself heard without jeopardizing the quality of my voice. i don’t normally sing that flat! i promise!

    that is all. so much fun! :D

  2. You really did sound awesome!! it was an awesome shot at the first jam ever!! once you get confident with it you will be doubly awesome!!

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