We went to Victoria for the day.

Here is a laptop lady on the boat that took us there.

Sneaky photo of laptop lady :)

These are the seats that were empty


This is the gate that prevents us from leaving the boat prematurely

Bc ferry Gate

This is a chair on the beach in Victoria

A chair on the beach

This is the sidewalk at the ferry terminal

Side walk at night

This is the boat we were waiting for all this time unloading.

Long exposure of the boat emtpying

This is the boat that took us home.

ferry deck

It was empty for the most part

Ferry Deck

This is the place where the man that is driving the boat hangs out.

Long Exposure of the cabin

This is the boat on it’s way towards my home.

Long Exposure of the ferry moving though the ocean

That was my day drip to Victoria.

In other exciting news I have a new all encompassing photo project that I am planning on releasing to the world. Perhaps tomorrow being that it is of some sort of calendar significance. no promises however!! I am calling it the 4440project

3 thoughts on “Just a day trip to victoria

  1. Hey nice boat!!

    PS – you are crazy and do hate yourself. Me, on the otherhand, well I am sane and think you are swell.

  2. Well thank you Amanda! All this time I’ve suspected this self loathing and craziness to be the case. In fact I was just mumbling this to my camera the other day! I am glad that it has come to light now! However, I am curious as to the particular timing of this realization?

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