Tonight Miranda, Roy Rat and I went to one of the Juno fest shows at Reds. (man I hate that place) It was a blackdot production of 5 awesome bands
The Mark Birtles Project, Our Mercury, The Operators, the Wednesday Night Heroes, Mad Bomber Society
It was wild because the stage was set up with a bunch of solid barricades around it, so there is a area about 5 feet wide between the stage and the crowd. Major shouts out to Eli (the man who put the shit together) because he gave me access in side the stage area, which means I got to be in that crowd free area between the stage and the crowd and up close to the bands. So I got to run around in the middle of that area take pictures to my hearts content, and that I did almost 350 shots in fact. I was always running out of space on my cards so I had to whittle though them through out the night. I even had a run in with the people who were in charge of the media registration and what have you at the event, but after much clarification of I was doing this for Eli and then more clarification on who Eli was, they eventually left me be.
Anyway I am so incredibley tired but I am going to post at least one or two shots of the show tonight for you viewing pleasure