A while back (read years) in the before times my friend Julie and I went and hung out with the, then new to me Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro camera. We hung out shooting some pretty footage of her on the beach in that wonder hour before the light was gone. The Camera had just arrived that week and I was super excited to try it out! The Camera arrived but the C-fast cards had shipped seperatly and would not arrive for another two weeks. Not to be deterred I stuck in the fastest SD cards I had and when shooting at 4.6K and 60 frames per second in Cinema DNG alternating over the two cards I could get about 3-10 seconds of shooting before the camera would drop a frame and stop recording. We managed to get all of this in those 3 to 5 to when lucky 10 second shots so that wasn’t bad :) 10 Seconds of 60fps slowed down to 24fps is pretty much an eternally anyway.

Since then I have shot hundreds of hours on these cameras and have shot everything from livestreams of corporate meetings to feature length films and the camera keeps on going! While things like the Ursa 12K are tempting I have yet to need anything more then the 4.6K :)