Today was a day from heaven and from hell. Today is the day in which I came to the acute and startling realization of just how lazy and out of shape I have become. SO mike calls me up yesterday and lets me know that he has a job for me if I want it. Cleaning up a yard and sweeping out this warehouse for the company that Michelle works for. I think hey why not a good day out and about will do me some good. Then mike says that they will pay about 10 bucks and hour, and me being on my latest money needing kick decide that is a wonderful reason to jump on this offer so I say yes. Well let me spare you the details of the excursion and say that after ingesting about a pound of dust through my nose alone I was finished one of the longest and most grueling 13hours that I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. And it wasn’t that the job was hard or anything it is completely that I have gotten really soft and complacent in the computer world and haven’t really been keeping in shape. So I assume that I will sleep wonderfully this evening being that tired and 100 and some bucks richer.