I recently picked up a Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM lens for Doogie. (Legit $230 from eBay)

This is sorta known in the rangefinder world as the Japanese Summilux as back in the 50’s Canon made these quite similar to the Leica 50mm summilux lens from that time.

As near as I can tell this one was made circa 1959-1965 (almost as old as our beetle) while this lens is in superb condition it is definitely not without its flaws (some of those are great flaws and others not so much) for example shooting at f/1.4 is a hot mess but f/2.0 is quite lovely. The Focus throw is quite long with is great for precision but it can be a bit of a pain in street photos.

The bokeh is a little odd because of the way that the aperture blades work, but odd in a good way :)

I will do a bit more of a write up on it once I have used it some more. While I doubt it would replace my Voigtlander 75, the 50-60 or so exposures with it are promising! ?