I know that I keep saying this stuff and keep saying that I am going to get less busy and that whole not so busy thing never seems to happen. BUT I am hoping that next week will be different. This week has been a whirlwind of meeting people, officially unpacking, organizing stuff, & getting our studio ready for a two day workshop. Yuppers we have been host to nearly 100 different peeps in two separate all day sessions from a Southern California photog named becker. It has been great to meet peeps and have awesome lunch/dinners with you all.


I nearly killed myself trying to get the house in order for these two days so I think that i need some sort of a vacation. Conveniently tomorrow I am crammin on to a bus and headed out to Big White for the weekend. So many thanks to Allie for setting this trip up!! Hopefully super swell snow, (I am sure it will be better then here) there will be lots of beer, 50ish cool peeps that I don’t know but I am going to meet. ohhh & beer, did I mention beers, I like beers!

I am at a loss as to what I should take for gear because I am not taking my Xterra so taking my normal everything is not really an option. The 3-5 different types of film cameras & the 2 polaroid cameras in addition to a digital kit that I would normally take places may be a bit overkill :) My goal is to just walk downtown to where I meet the bus so if I cant carry it there with my board, boots, & clothes then it is probably to much stuff :)

Anywho… Here is “the intern” who is not an intern any more, but a full fledged employee, rockin out in blue polaroid form.

See ya on the flip side!