Yup being able to walk and type after keeping up with darren and amanda is generaly a bad idea.Esspsddially when the drunkun blog post can be on line before I make it home. Yup d & a and I closed out the frog tonight and I really do believe darren to own a blue Planet smashers t shirt wutch means I win said bet. Yup and because this is a photo blog I will leave you with a quizzical photo that I iPhones tonight



2 thoughts on “Is certisn thst. Havin the ability to frunk blog via iPhone’s is a. Bad idea

  1. I think the top photo is something about maintaining fluid levels at all times. As for the ranger, no clue.

  2. Although I don’t blog my ‘late night episodes’, its always a welcoming surprise to check the cell phone the next day to see what happened the night before ;)

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