So in an effort to have a clean office, we procured a cheap Roomba.  Although it has sorta become a crazy automatic cat toy as well.  Luna is in love with it, while Darwin wishes it would drive itself out the window.

besides being a really cool robot thingy that geeky peeps like me are into it acually cleans quite well.  I just tore apart our office and painted and cleaned this weekend and yet some how it managed to come up with a bucket of dirt.  Next I want a scooba :)

2 thoughts on “Ooompa Loompa Roomba.

  1. I purchased one about 4 years ago. It worked awesome, till one day, it just started to flashed a red light.

    I called Roomba support, and they pretty much said it’s dead, buy a new one. No explanation for it whatsoever. That did turn me off from buying one, but they work so darn well, I might just wait for a cheapo one to show up on craigslist and purchase another one. I can totally see it coming in handy for you with your cat. Just make sure to clean it often, thats the secret to a long life.

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