A: booked them a wonderful soothing afternoon at the city’s top finger spa compete with cucumber/lettuce wraps, Papaya Pineapple Lotion bath, or whatever fruit and/or vegetable they may like to be soaked/wrapped/massaged in for the afternoon.

B: sent them on a nice Caribbean cruise that is filled with other young, physically attractive single available fingers with delightfully varying interests and abnormally healthy sex drives.

C: bought a new guitar and beat them unmercifully with it until I am quite sure the rebellion they were raising against me has been sufficiently extinguished.

Yup this is a post to brag about my new guitar and not about my fingers at all! Because there aren’t enough companies with the name seagull‘ in my life I thought it best to try out another one. Yup I went down to Tom Lee today on an errand to maybe look at guitar stands or something to make my other wise wasted trip around town in a car worth something. You see I went to mail stuff as well as grab some printer ink only to discover that I couldn’t mail anything and they didn’t have any of the appropriate inks in stock. Normally this would have been an easy 15min jaunt about town and I would be home again happily using the internets to avoid work. Except today I decided that I would drive the car as apposed to taking the more urban friendly scooter on account that the sky was falling in the form of water and someone’s (of reasonable geographic relevance) face book status said something nasty about snow. Yup in order to make the largely unsuccessful outing somewhat meaningful I thought it best to hit the aforementioned Tom Lee. I have been in this place like five or six time maybe and I never really noticed the incredibly large acoustic guitar section to the left of the guitar shop entrance! Seriously I always wandered around in circles looking at stuff but I never really realized that there weren’t any Acoustic guitars on display where I was. Today I even had to ask where they may be!

Me: Hey where do you guys keep your acoustic guitars?
Tom Lee Sales Guy: indignant point to the east
Me: Ohhhh over there in the brightly lit acoustic guitar section!
Tom Lee Sales Guy: slight head shake of disgust as he walks away to deal with all the customers of the non-lobotomized variety.

I Seriously miss the blatantly obvious! An example… I go to the La Luna coffee shop on water street a few times a week to get coffee and some tasty lunch for M and me. I some times go for coffee just as an excuse to get out of the house for 5 or 10 min. While I am waiting for my food I sit at this table near a wall filled with a photo display that originally sat in the now defunct Storyeum that was across the street. The photo display is an awesome collection of works by Rex Weyler who was a photographer during the early days of Greenpeace. I have looked around the net for the this particular photo so I could show you what I mean but all my searching was unfortunately in vain, so you get a vague description instead. (or you can buy his book) The photo in question was taken during an anti-nuclear protest at Rocky Flats, Colorado. Now the photo seemed odd to me from the start and I couldn’t quite place why. You see the photo is of a really old woman standing very piously above a crowd of young protesters; she was knee deep in a tight group of people but stood straight up and above the crowd. This didn’t make any sense to me! I could see that she was most definitely not standing on a ladder; I couldn’t see any reasons for her to be standing four feet above everyone else. I ended up over the course of two or three months making all these crazy assumptions about what was really going on in the photo! I decided a first that she must be on stilts or something but then I decided that she was pretty old and I don’t know a whole heck of a lot of old people that go to war protests on stilts, so I then started to speculate that the woman was really a man dressed as an old staunch woman completely for the shock value. The figure was reasonably androgynous and the neck was covered with a scarf so couldn’t check for an adams apple, except her hands were really that of and old person, so that didn’t really fit either! I keep looking at it all the while applying my experiences in photographing protests and other such events. I was getting more and more complicated answers that all seemed more and more foolish only to one day to see that all the other protesters that were four feet below then the old woman were all simply sitting down! I am always totally missed the blatantly obvious but can tell you intricate detail about small insignificant things! I am not sure if this makes me a better photographer or not but I can tell you it makes me a very poor consumer!

I had been reading about some Yamaha guitars online as well as Larrivee, Takamine, and Seagulls. I have been reading about them for a while but never anything more then read. I went in to the cleverly hidden acoustic section and looked at pretty much everything except the Seagull Guitars, not because I was boycotting them or anything I just didn’t pick one up. I played everything and was not really impressed with the sound of anything. I finally asked the previously mentioned Tom Lee sales guy a question that he needed to go in search of an answer (not due to his incompetence he was actually very helpful and knowledgeable once he realized that I wasn’t a complete idiot! I just asked a hard question) He suggested that I try out one of the Seagull Guitars while he was gone! So I picked up a very pretty Seagull S6 Cedar Slim, Sat on the nearby stool, pulled out a pick and fired into it! I was completely blown away! I am not so pretentious of an artist to start drooling out drivel about how an instrument chooses its owner or other similar such junk but I was basically sold right there and then that this was the guitar for me! I tried it out with an amp (it’s an acoustic/electric) and was still as impressed with the action and sound so I bought it! I played it all afternoon and still love it. I still haven’t come up with a good solution to Sundays musical puzzle but I am having a blast trying!

So these guitars need names! Discuss!!!!

Just a new Seagull

5 thoughts on “In An Effort to Make my Fingers Feel Better…

  1. well for the Seagull, theres always the obvious ‘Bugsy’. i dont know if its bad luck to use a mafia name tho. as for the other, it needs something sexier. like ‘Erocktion’, or ‘Hard Licker’. i think they are both swell. i bought my Yammy at the self-same lit up tom lee room o’ th’ left. i like the sound, but above all it looks like it came out of johnny cash’s ass. oh and i also just got a strat knockoff called a ‘Burswood’ from my buddy last week. i havent plugged it in yet, but i am confidently assuming it rocks. perhaps these lads should meet?

  2. Yo, dude, thanks. I was wondering where those Storyeum photos ended up .. your observations about observation and misobservation are really, well observant. There exists an entire anti-world in the way we mis-see things. That’s cool. Thanks for your nice comments about my photographs .. and your photographs are awesome and appropriately beyond words ..

    cheers, Rex Weyler
    older guy with a camera

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