For any one that says advertising inst effective they have never spent 10 min out side of Ikea strapping large boxes to roof racks of a vintage Beetle. I had a grand total of 14 “hey you look like the commercial” & 12 “you should get money off for being like the Ikea commercial”

Ikea proved to be an extremely profitable endeavor. It is best to find the isle that has the most disgruntled and hung over looking cashier who is getting ready to go on break / lunch / I need to go home because I am still drunk, to ring you though. I had two carts and a cash & carry paper. She ran two of the three things in the first cart for which I corrected her, she ran the cash & carry sheet, and I foolishly assumed that she ran the second cart. She said the total and I though mmmm… that is cheaper then I thought … oh well good times for me. Stumble though the convoluted paying process that always ensues when I make purchases over my daily bank limit (it’s so silly, it’s my money its there, Let me spend it dammit!) and I wander over to the pick up section wondering if I had forgot something on my list. Oh well if it was cheaper then I thought don’t look a gift horse in the mouth as my mother always said. Load the stuff on to the beetle (I should have took a photo but alas being a photographer I didn’t.) and drove home. At a stop light I stop to look at the receipt and realize there isn’t things on the list. I panic and think that I forgot to buy my Helmer or that the Frǚgäliÿppën didn’t make in to the cart. Dammit!!! I am going to need to go back….. Wait the Frǚgäliÿppën is digging in to my shoulder and Heǚgäiÿllër is blocking my window. WTF!! After inspection it in fact appears that my whole second cart didn’t get run at all. Now the moral person in me said I should call and let them know so they can charge me more money, but the non moral consumer that I am said SCORE!!!!. After much internal debate the consumer morals overtook (as they always do) b00ya!!