So I have noticed as of late an increasing number of buisness suited men and woman that can be found talking to themselves. I first noticed this when I was wandering around a mall wearing headphones but not listening to music. I discoverd that there were a number of normal looking people wandering about mumbling to no one in particular My other original thought was they were talking on Bluetooth headsets about some huge deal to sell millions of widgets to some one who needs millions of widgets for a healthy profit. However upon closer inspection I realize that they are actualy talking (well mumbling) to themselves. Strange. Makes me wonder that is normal people are talking to themselves perhaps hobos are talking on Bluetooth headsets!

3 thoughts on “If you act lile a hobo…

  1. I talk to myself. Usually when I do something stupid, and I correct myself verbally.

    I’m not much for widgets, but mumbling is awesome.

    (I refer to this as Only Child Syndrome. I didn’t have anyone to talk to growing up, so I talk to me.) :)

  2. LOL I here ya on he only child thing! I has the best of both worlds though. My brother was about seven years older then me so he had left home when I was 10 or 11ish. So u got to have a brother when I’d was neat and cool bit I was an only child for the rest:)

  3. I used to do this when I lived in Van as a mugging-prevention tactic. Sketchy people are far less likely to approach you if you’re muttering to yourself and looking more sketched out than they are. It’s a matter of appearing to be more unpredictable than they themselves want to look.

    That being said, I’ve also always talked with myself. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t, but I always make a good point and usually end off the conversation with a song-and-dance number.

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