7 thoughts on “If this is what i take for a weekend away…..

  1. oh sweet jesus. if you have too much stuff, I would gladly suffer and lighten the load. I love that red/gold Seagull….oh man. The wife is gonna look at me weird when I buy one….hehe

  2. I did have a very small bag for clothes, (it was a small camera bag) and three bags for camera/computer stuff Sadly i used it all :). And I highly recommend the Seagull IT ROCKS!!!! I cant explain it but it rocks!

  3. I knew I wanted one when I came across the pic at lomography.com. I wanted it then, but on a student budget it wasn’t possible. Now, however…I’m still on a student budget but I can give up $295 worth of beer for that (and a cable release for her). (a) awesome camera (b) it’s so damn pretty!

  4. Thanks for the pic. I showed it to my wife and now she thinks that the 5 cameras I usually take along on weekend getaways are not so bad.
    They are a Balda 6×9, a Kodak 6×6, a Yashica-Mat 124G, and 2 Canon Eos 7e with assorted lenses.

  5. I know the feeling, and I gotta say that RB67 looks too heavy for you to carry around, need a volunteer?

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