So because I am an Internet n00b sometimes I didn’t know about the whole street view feature of Google maps. So I was browsing around Portland mostly because it was the first place that I happened to click on.

So I was checking things out here and there when I came across the Broadway Bridge.

I was all like wow I know this bridge from somewhere!! I have never been to Portland but I knew this bridge very well, it took a moment but I was able to place it in a movie that I saw once.  After some digging around I found a the movie and confirmed that I was correct.  (I had no idea that it was filmed in Portland even) the movie in question is called Foxfire (yup the one that you get to see a young Angelina Jolie and her boobs, its too bad about this scene because it is a great movie about the empowerment of women and now that she is super famous people recommend it because she is in it topless not because it is a good movie.  The same is true with Gia but I digress) and granted I have seen this movie more then once but there is very little about the bridge that would have made it stand out to me! It is a run of the mill steel bridge that is red. Nothing super spectacular about that!

Click On me to see me bigger
click on me to see me bigger

This is the sort of thing that my brain is filled up with. Crazy!  In Edmonton, I used to be able to tell you from a photo with a spot of an alley in it or a street corner, or anything where it was taken! I am starting to get that way here in Vancouver but there is a great deal more to remember, and more things are changing.